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What I wore: a perfect dress for Fall/Winter

What I like most about fall is that we can gravitate between two seasons and get the best out of each of them. We can show some skin as if it was summer yet can wear heavier cozy materials. Last Saturday night I wore this dress from my shop for a date night with my hubby. BY THE SAME DRESS I WORE This piece is maybe my favorite from this collection. First of all because it's a dress that I can use in cold weather. I love dresses (I have tons), but living in Toronto, I don't have too many opportunities to use them. That's why I decided to have some fall/winter dresses in my wardrobe this year. I don't...

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Exactly what I'm going to wear this season

Fall is here! At least in my closet... I know we're still technically in the summer now, but it's time to let it go and start planning for our fall. And I like to start with my wardrobe. I made a great selection of pieces for the Picked by Lu Fall 2019 Collection, but as always, I got my favourite ones into my own closet. I spent some time thinking about the weather, the occasions, the trends... and came up with 11 garments I should have in the first row of my closet. One of my favorite pieces is this wool dress I wore on a date night with my hubby: I also already wore this cold shoulder sweater with...

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Animal Print: are you ready to go wild?

Animal Print is that type of trend that seams never actually go. You can see more or less of these prints but they're always here. Particularly now this trend is all over the place. Suddenly you see a lot of snakes and leopard skin on your Instagram feed, on the street and, of course, in stores. So this week I worked around the clock to select a great collection of Animal Prints to bring to my store, Picked by Lu. I personally curated these pieces from my favorite suppliers so you can get the last trend before everyone else. And, of course, at a good price 😉. Remember: everything from my store is free shipping and, if you're in the...

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What I wore: time for an iced tea

Some say the summer is almost over. I say let's get out and enjoy the sun! The temperatures are still very warm here in Toronto (except in the early mornings) and my goal is to not waste any sun ray this season. If you wanna find me, you have to walk around the city! And these are the last chances to me to wear my store summer collection and sell the last seasonal inventory I have left. By the way, I posted about my Late Summer Sale here. Make sure to take a look because items are selling out very quickly. Last week I came out for an iced tea wearing one of my favorite pieces of the summer collection,...

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What I wore: Floral skirt with velvet blouse

Don't tell me summer is ending. I can still feel the warm weather and, more than that, I can't get over it, not yet! Last Saturday I had a date night with my husband and I chose to wear a skirt that I don't have much opportunity to do so. I love it but the weather here doesn't always allow me to wear it. I bought this floral skirt from Forever 21 like 2 years ago and I wore it once per summer. It's gorgeous, it's bulky, it's bold... it's everything I love! It was not the first time I paired it with my velvet blouse, also from Forever 21. To me these two together make a perfect outfit. But...

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