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What I wore: Floral skirt with velvet blouse

by Luciana Couto on August 16, 2019

Don't tell me summer is ending. I can still feel the warm weather and, more than that, I can't get over it, not yet!

Last Saturday I had a date night with my husband and I chose to wear a skirt that I don't have much opportunity to do so. I love it but the weather here doesn't always allow me to wear it.

I bought this floral skirt from Forever 21 like 2 years ago and I wore it once per summer. It's gorgeous, it's bulky, it's bold... it's everything I love!

It was not the first time I paired it with my velvet blouse, also from Forever 21. To me these two together make a perfect outfit.

But it was my first time with this Michael Kors pump I just bought. This pair tide the outfit together and I can't even remember which shoes I used to wear with this outfit before it.

Don't worry, I'll talk more about these pumps on another post πŸ˜‰.

I love this outfit so much I tried hard to find all the pieces to share on this blog post, but as they're not new, I coudn't find them. So I made a selection of other items you can wear to get the same type of look.

Floral Skirts:

Blue velvet blouses

This combination is perfect for summer evenings, because it's fresh but elegant at the same time. If you wanna wear it when the weather is not so hot, you can choose a blazer to put on or even a denim jacket for a casual look.

Golden Michael Kors cross body bags

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