Hi, I'm Lu and welcome to my shop.

I came to Canada a few years ago seeking a good life. Actually a way better life than the one my home country could offer to me.

Since then, I fell in love with Toronto but still found some barriers to adaptation. It’s not obvious but true that getting dressed is part of this challenge.

First of all because of the Canada’s severe weather that brings us a lot of new concepts to learn on how to dress.

Besides, our choice of clothes is a balance between our needs for adaptation and to express ourselves as individuals. In my case, as a foreign person.

The more I knew Toronto and discovered new hot places in this city, the more I felt the pressure to express myself through clothing.

I love to share my tips on how to adapt to this fascinating city, where to go and where to eat… and a lot of other things on my blog. So, starting to curate clothes seemed like a natural step to me.

In 2019 I made my dream a reality by launching Picked by Lu, a personal boutique that combines the unique items I select by myself. The motto is having the key pieces to live a better life in Canada.

It’s not about selling clothes, it’s about building a community that supports each other and helps anyone  - newcomers like me and Canadians - to feel confident in their own skin.

You can visit my blog by clicking here.